Original Daruma production

✔︎ Requests can be made from one to 1,000 units.

✔︎ Custom colors are available! Corporate colors are also acceptable.

✔︎ Logos can also be "handwritten" on request!

Mamehappy (H5cm) x 200 or more, Happy Daruma H9cm x 50 or more

Shipping Service


Example of original design


Logo and Option

A. Transfer sticker logo

Data must be supplied by the customer.

B. Hand-drawn logo

Hand-painted to resemble the logo


Calligraphy (lettering) color and options

You can choose from the following 16 colors.

Please select a different color from the body.


If the logo is to be hand-drawn, we can add any arrangements you wish. (e.g. white border, shading, etc.)

Color variation

Reference image

Examples of original design and modeling