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The Gift of Happiness

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*Every daruma can be personalized with lettering free of charge!

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* "Daruma making experience" is also recomended!

Give your loved ones a HappyDaruma! 

HappyDaruma was born from the idea of "sending happiness" to a loved one. As opposed to traditional black ink, the eyebrows and beard of our HappyDaruma are painted in shining gold symbolizing victory and success. The design has been curated with a brilliant, gift-like quality in mind.  It is a cute lucky charm that is appreciated as a celebratory, souvenir, or sympathy gift in Japan.

The blank eyes are for writing hopes and wishes. Please fill the eyes in as you achieve your goals, and set your HappyDaruma in a place where you will see it often, and remind yourself of your hopes and dreams. We hope that this brings positivity to both the giver and receiver of HappyDaruma! 
*HappyDaruma is an official item of "TokyoTokyo," the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's tourism souvenir project.

3 major features

Shimmering golden eyebrows and whiskers

The face of HappyDaruma is painted in a gorgeous gold color, giving it a different look from the traditionally-used black ink. The use of gold ink also gives HappyDaruma a soft impression, making them especially popular among women and children.


A wide variety of colors and designs

As a symbol of good luck, HappyDaruma comes in a variety of colors and designs. You can personalize the color and design of HappyDaruma to match the lucky color of a particular year, or even to correspond to a particular zodiac sign.

Design that suits any interior

HappyDaruma's modern design fits easily into any interior, and serves as a daily reminder of the wishes and goals put into them.


Recommended Items


Please have fun making your own original Daruma with your friends and family.
Let's make a Happy Daruma!
Let's make happiness!

Daruma making experience

Recommended for corporate novelties, souvenirs, and gifts!

Original Daruma

はっぴーだるま オンラインショップ おしゃれ 日本文化 ギフトに最適
We have a large number of cute "Happy Daruma" with a wide variety of designs and colors.

Happy Daruma

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A stylish, authentic gift from Japan!
"Happy Daruma" can be used for several different kinds of occasions!

贈答品 だるま 結婚祝い 引き出物 リングピロー プレゼント

As a special gift for family and close friends!

So much can be said with these cute, round, and kind Happy Daruma. Whether it's to encourage those working hard at their exams, or as a way of showing support for a loved ones health, love life, career goals, or even as a wedding gift, a Daruma doll is perfect for anyone working towards a dream or goal. We have a lot of cute lineups, so please take a look.

As a business novelty or corporate souvenir!

"Daruma" have been popular since ancient times in Japan. We create original Daruma dolls that match the identity of the company and make for great corporate gifts and souvenirs. We will create a completely original "HappyDaruma" with your company's colors and logos. Please see below for production results and other information.

ノベルティ 企業 ビジネスギフト オリジナル 名入れ カラー だるま
豊富なデザイン 日本文化ギフト 相棒 だるま かわいい デザイン豊富 ピンク レッド グリーン

As a cute friend to support you when you are striving to reach your goals!

When you set your mind on accomplishing something, a good first step can be to put your goals into words, and better yet, a cute doll! Please come and find your number one fan! When you decide on your goal, please fill in the eye of the Daruma. This sweet Daruma will then be your cheerleader, and support you in your day to day life! May all your dreams come true...!

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