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Greetings from the President

HappyDaruma is a "gift of happiness." HappyDaruma was born in Takasaki City, Gunma Prefecture as a good luck gift. Now, we have put down roots in Adachi-ku, Tokyo, where we handcraft and sell Daruma dolls one by one. 


HappyDaruma started with the concept of a good luck charm that works like a "baton of happiness", bringing happiness and fortune to people. In the last few years, with the increase in inbound tourism, the product has gradually become a mainstream souvenir. However, in 2020, the coronavirus pandemic hit, and  the Daruma industry found itself in a difficult situation.... 


In December in the same year, the company opened its first store, Happy Daruma Kobo, right next to Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji Temple in Adachi-ku, Tokyo. The store, which includes a studio, a store and a workshop, is lined with colorful, freshly painted daruma dolls. We put in effort every day, into our dreams of one day becoming a renowned local specialty and a famous store.


The round shape of the Daruma dolls, born in Japan, is a symbol of happiness and wealth.
The cornerstone of the Daruma dolls is the philosophy of Zen, a world of peace and harmony that transcends borders, religions, and races. Daruma dolls are shaped round like the earth. It would be our honor if we could convey the philosophy of peace and harmony that resides within Daruma dolls to the younger generation and people overseas.

株式会社Crista 代表取締役 高橋 美帆

Crista Incorporated

Representative Director Miho Takahashi

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