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Let`s make a HappyDaruma!

Daruma Making Experience

1. Decoration Course

Short and easy course that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Time required 30-90 minutes

Participation fee: 1,980 yen

Course Content

This is an easy course that allows you to simply "decorate" the completed Daruma doll and take it home with you afterwards!

*Rhinestones, beads, and Japanese patterned origami paper are used to decorate the daruma!

*You can also add simple pictures with paint markers.

*We also offer a free service of writing letters on your daruma with a brush.

  Available: Your favorite words, proverb, name, date, etc. in your choice of colors in Kanji and any other characters.
*No special preparation is required.
*We can accommodate up to 12 people.

 (For groups, a room at the nearby Nishiarai Daishi Soji Temple is available.)
*Average time required: 30 to 90 minutes.

*Payment can be made in-store: we accept credit card, cash, or PayPay.

Participation Fee

1,980 yen w/tax  (Daruma doll fee, decoration and other materials included)





2. Painting Course

A full-scale course that starts from painting your own HappyDaruma.

Time required 60-120 minutes

Participation fee 2,200 yen-4,400 yen

Course content

A full-fledged course that starts with painting on a brand new Daruma model.  You can enjoy a complete original production.

*We rent aprons free of charge.
*Accommodates up to 12 people(Groups will be held in the room of the adjacent "Nishiarai Daishi")
*Required time   Average 60 to 120 minutes

*Uses fast-drying paint. You can take it home on the day!

*We also offer a free service of writing letters on your daruma with a brush.

  Available: Your favorite words, proverb, name, date, etc. in your choice of colors in Kanji and any other characters.

*If you wish to decorate, please enjoy it for +550 yen (tax included).

​​ *Payment will be accepted at the venue: credit card, cash, PayPay


<Paint materials>

*Water-resistant water-based paint: Paint that does not melt even when wet after drying

*Volatile organic compound (VOC) content less than 0.3%

*Acquired JAS/JIS standard "F☆☆☆☆" (the highest standard for formaldehyde reduction)

*NON heavy metal

*Antibacterial and antifungal

Participation Fee

9cm tall HappyDaruma  2,200 yen

12cm tall HappyDaruma  3,300 yen  

16cm tall HappyDaruma  4,400 yen

(All prices include tax)

What's included: Happy Daruma, materials, lending of aprons and tools



​Access Information


◆Get off at  "DAISHIMAE" station and walk 1-2 minutes

    *Transfer from Tobu Skytree Line at "Nishiarai" station. It is 1st stop after Nishiarai.

◆Toei/Kokusai Kogyo/Tobu Bus "Nishiarai Daishi-mae" get off, walk 1-2 minutes

◆Car: There is no parking lot in the building where our workshop is located, but there is a coin park nearby. 


Navi Park Nishiarai 7th parking lot


ST-Park Nishiarai Honcho No. 1 parking lot


◆Tobu Daishi Line "DAISHIMAE" station: 1-2 minutes walk

*Please transfer from Tobu Skytree Line to Tobu Daishi Line at "Nishiarai" station

◆Toei Kokusai Kogyo buses, and Tobu buses "NISHIARAI DAISHI-MAE" 

 1-2 minute walk from "Nishiarai Daishi-mae" bus stop.

◆Car: There is no parking in the building where our studio is located, but there is a coin-operated park nearby.


Navi Park



【秋葉原店 】

◆東武大師線「大師前」駅下車 徒歩1~2分


◆都営・国際興業・東部バス「西新井大師前」下車 徒歩1~2分







Please feel free to call us if you have any questions.

Happy Daruma Kobo 03-6806-3720


New: make your own HappyDaruma and tour a 1,200-year-old temple!

Let's go for 
Happy Tour!

A group tour that includes Daruma Making Experience and a visit to the power spots at the adjacent Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji, a temple known for warding off bad luck.

Listen to the history of daruma and find out more about this good luck charm, as you make your own. After the Daruma Making Experience, walk around the vast grounds of Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji. The tour will bring you around the temple complex, explaining the different spots at the temple in easily understandable manner and let you get to know the stories associated with the them. Legend has it that the monk Kukai (also known as Kobo Daishi) visited this area around 1,200 years ago and saved people from illnesses.

Tour Contents

① Daruma Making Experience

② Tour of Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji temple grounds

③ Visit to the Main Hall of Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji

④ Phototaking session in the Main Hall of Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji (outside praying hours)

⑤ Receiving of go-shuin (temple seal, for those who wish to)

⑥ Tour of Nishiarai Daishi Sojiji temple grounds (ctn'd)

⑦ Tour of the Shoin (drawing room)

※ Take a short break in a beautiful Japanese-style room with a view of a landscape garden, otherwise not accessible to public

⑧ Special treat for tour participants: kusadango (mugwort dumplings) × special recipe

□ Participation fee:3,900 yen/person (tax included)

□ Time required:around 2 to 2.5 hours

​□ Minimum number of participants: 4 people



​Feel free to utilize the chat function below.
We'd love to hear from you!
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