Let`s Make a HappyDaruma ~ Let's make a happy Daruma!

Daruma-making experience

Decoration course

This is an easy course that can be enjoyed in a short time.

Time required 30-90 minutes

Participation fee 1,650 yen

Course content

Daruma-making experience "decoration" is an easy course that can be enjoyed in a short time.

The Daruma doll making experience "Decoration" is a quick and easy course that you can enjoy. We will write your favorite words, name, etc. in your favorite color with a brush.
Nothing in particular to prepare
Advance reservations required
Small group or private space
Average time required: 30 to 90 minutes

Located in front of the gate of Nishiarai Daishi, one of the three great masters of the Kanto region for getting rid of bad luck. After making dharma, why don't you enjoy a walk around the temple grounds?

Please relax and enjoy the open space. 
*Windows are opened as needed. We appreciate your cooperation in ventilation.

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Entry fee

1,650 yen (tax included) (including Dharma doll, decoration and other materials)