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[crispy! sweet! 100% Japanese Rice Crackers】
A rice cracker with cute POP pictograms printed on it. The colorful print is designed to please children. Seasoned only with salad oil and natural salt. Please enjoy the fragrant and crispy texture of 100% Japanese rice, with a simple seasoning that you will never get tired of.

(1)hibuya Hachiko:

A statue of a loyal dog who has been waiting for her master who has passed away at Shibuya Station for about 10 years.

(2)Nishiarai Daruma:

There are many places in Tokyo where you can meet Daruma dolls. (3)Ueno Panda:

Japan has the second largest breeding population in the world!
(4) Ryogoku wrestlers: representatives of Japan's historic sports. In ancient times, it was held to pray for a bountiful harvest.


[Thoughts of munufacturers]
The motto is "Making confectionery that communicates with each other". This product, which has been carefully crafted without sparing any troublesome processes, uses high-quality Japanese rice. After washing the rice with natural water, it is steamed to make it fluffy. In order not to spoil the flavor of the rice, it is milled while suppressing the generation of frictional heat. I would appreciate it if I could make many people smile with this rice cracker.

Tokyo Tokyo rice crackers


    How to put 👀: Traditional method


    After making a wish or setting a goal, put your left eye. And when your wish comes true or you reach your goal, put your right eye.

    I hope both eyes will come in someday!

    How to insert 👀: Recommended method


    Put your eyes on it, believing that it will come true someday, with your wishes or while setting goals.

    If you feel like you're about to lose your eyes, look at Dharma with both eyes and get the courage!

    * Please draw with a pen or use the attached eye sticker.

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