Give your loved ones Why don't you give HAPPY to your loved ones? 

Happi-Daruma" was born from the idea of "sending happiness" to an important person. The eyebrows and beard of the Dharma doll, which have been drawn in powerful black ink since ancient times, are expressed in shining gold. The "Happi Daruma" was created with the idea of "giving a gift" in mind.

The empty white eyes are for writing hopes and wishes. You can write your wishes in the eyes of the Happi Daruma. We hope the gift will bring positive feelings to both the recipient and the giver!

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Shining golden eyebrows and beard

The face of the Happi Daruma doll is painted in a gorgeous gold color. The face of Happi Daruma is painted in a gorgeous gold color, giving it a different look from the more powerful black ink used in the past. The soft impression of Happi Daruma is also popular among women.


A wide variety of colors

Happi Daruma, a good luck charm to give, comes in a variety of colors and designs. You can choose the right color and design for the person you want to give the Daruma doll to, such as the lucky color of the year or the zodiac sign.

Design for any interior.

Happi Daruma is designed to fit into modern lifestyles, fits into any interior, and can be enjoyed as a reminder of the wishes put into Daruma in everyday life.